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David Geer

Geer Communications

I am your content marketing writer in the B2B cybersecurity space.

You can get your content marketing writing about cybersecurity and infosec. You can choose from blogs, articles, and whitepapers. Meet your needs for eBooks and web page content. Thought-leader content and ghostwriting services are available. You can reach me at for your rates, availability, and details.

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Are you interested in content marketing writing on cybersecurity and infosec?

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Get your effective cybersecurity and infosec content. Whether you’re a cybersecurity or technology organization, marketing, PR, or content agency, you can develop a lasting relationship with me. Satisfy yourself with cybersecurity content like the Association for Computing Machinery, Iron Mountain, and the Fortune Brand Studio do. Get the benefits you want most from your cybersecurity or infosec content. Reach me at for your rates, availability, and details.

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