Cybersecurity Content Marketing Writer, David Geer

Insights About Me

“David Geer has written several tech branded content articles for us and has been professional, technologically proficient, and timely with his work. He easily weaves client interviews into technical content and makes topics approachable and interesting to B2B audiences.”—Cindy Murphy, The Foundry at Time, Inc.

I invite you to review my content specialties, subject-matter expertise, and professional recommendations (scroll down).

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Get your cybersecurity writing based on expertise and professional recommendations.

Clients like you enjoy cybersecurity and infosec content that moves their audiences. You can benefit from 22 years of well-honed skill and expertise.

My Niche & Content Specialties

Here are some of the topics I cover in the cybersecurity niche:

-- Third-Party, Supply-Chain, and Value-Chain Attacks
-- Phishing; Ransomware; Endpoint Attacks
-- the Weaponization of AI
-- IoT and IIoT Vulnerabilities, Attacks, and Botnets
--Vulnerabilities in 5G
-- Nation-State Hackers; APTs; and Cryptojacking

Here is some of the specialty content you can get:

-- compelling whitepapers, eBooks, blogs, and articles
-- contributed articles, case studies, infographics, and listicles
-- datasheets, product content, and webpage prose

You get subject-matter expertise.

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