Cybersecurity Content Marketing Writer, David Geer

About Me

Iron Mountain, MIT Technology Review, Centrify, SAI Global Compliance, The Foundry @ Fortune, and IDG enjoy the benefit of my writing on cybersecurity, security, and infosec. Clients and publishers buy precise B2B content marketing writing to captivate their audiences. I also offer journalism in this niche.

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For nearly two decades, I have satisfied clients with content that moved and informed audiences. I serve many happy, long-term customers.

Cybersecurity Niche & Content Specialties

These are some of the topics I write about in the cybersecurity niche: Phishing, Attacks on Endpoints, Third-Party Risks and Attacks, Ransomware, the Weaponization of AI, IoT Botnets, Nation-State Hackers, APTs, and Cryptojacking.

These are some of my specialties: thought-leadership, blogs, articles, listicles, LinkedIn articles, Tweets, and eBooks. I offer whitepapers, ghostwriting, contributed articles, infographics, and case studies. I also deliver brand journalism, web page content, and data sheets.

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