Cybersecurity Content Marketing Writer, David Geer

Clients repeatedly engage my proven creative skillset to sculpt authoritative content in the cybersecurity niche. Satisfy your need for exciting cybersecurity prose as Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Wind River, and Cynet do. Reach me for rates, availability, and details or schedule a quick chat.

I have 22 years of professional writing experience as an independent contractor, including 11 years writing for CSOonline (Chief Security Officer magazine). My keyboard has generated thousands of articles and content pieces on cybersecurity and technology during that time.

I have served hundreds of cybersecurity and technology enterprises with custom content. Publications from IDG, the IEEE, and the ACM, among many others, have purchased my work.

I have a broad background in cybersecurity and technology subject matter. It allows me to produce pure cybersecurity content or write about cybersecurity as it relates to industries and topics, such as:

  • IT
  • Computer Networks
  • Data Centers
  • Mobile and Wireless
  • AI
  • Big Data
  • IoT
  • DevOps
  • Robotics
  • Education
  • Medical Technology

I was Features / Insiders Writer at CSOonline when we received the B-to-B Website, Technology / Telecom Eddies Digital award.

My personal interests include spending time with friends and family. I enjoy songwriting, cooking, and my adorable cat, Kibbie.

  • Content Marketing Writing
  • Ghostwriting
  • Technical writing
  • Copywriting
  • Thought-leadership Writing